MTW Co-founders’ Key Takeaways from the Brain Health Summit by Center for Brain Health UT

Women’s wellness is an ongoing development between physicians, scientists, and leading organizations in the brain space. Through those developments from renowned experts, Make Time Wellness remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering women to prioritize their health, particularly when it comes to brain health. Recently, our co-founders, Emma and Helen, were able to attend an impactful Brain Health Summit, by Center for Brain Health UT in Dallas, Texas, where they gained  invaluable insights and inspiration to further propel Make Time Wellness's mission.

The Brain Health Summit was a convergence of leading experts, thought leaders, and advocates united by a common goal: to revolutionize our approach to brain health. At the heart of the summit were some key takeaways that resonated deeply with Emma and Helen, which they will use to continue guiding the mission Make Time Wellness.

Brain Health: Empowering COmmunities to Strengthen Brain Fitness Through Daily Habits 

The summit brought forth the critical importance of optimizing brain health in an era where longevity is on the rise. As we live longer lives, it's not just about extending our lifespan but ensuring that we thrive throughout those years. This sentiment echoed Make Time Wellness's core belief that every woman deserves to lead a life filled with vitality and purpose, putting her brain health first, then her body, then her beauty. Emma and Helen left the summit inspired by the realization that they are at the forefront of a movement that transforms  lives by empowering women to prioritize their brain health. Emma said of the experience, “It was exciting and so inspiring to be in a room filled with like-minded people all speaking the same Make time Wellness language around the importance of brain health—to know that what we are communicating to the world is right on point and so very important. We are always learning and growing over here at Make time and to hear from the top neuroscientist in that room only furthers our education and growth.”

Empowering Personalized Growth Through Neuroscience Breakthroughs

One of the most exciting revelations from the summit was the groundbreaking neuroscience breakthroughs that revealed the possibility of proactively strengthening brain health. Similar to how we approach the care of our heart, skin, and teeth, we can adopt small, incremental healthy brain habits that cumulatively enhance cognitive function and emotional well-being. This insight is one that already does and will continue to shape the mission of Make Time. Through sharing brain health tips on our social media and blog and creating products that easily fit into your daily routine like our Make Time for Brain, Body & Beauty powder, the team is  committed to ensuring that it all aligns with the latest scientific research on brain health optimization.

Make Time for Brain, Body, & Beauty supplement powder

The Social and Personal Importance of Brain Health

The summit made a compelling case for the economic, societal, and personal implications of prioritizing brain health. By investing in brain health for all women, we not only drive societal advancement but also unlock the potential for all women to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Emma and Helen were inspired by the prospect of leveraging Make Time Wellness as a vehicle for positive change, bridging the gap between scientific advancements and everyday women seeking to enhance their brain health.

Emma's Insights: A Brain-Centered Journey to Empowerment

For Emma, the summit was a catalyst for introspection and renewal. She reflected on the lack of focus on brain health in traditional medical assessments and advocated for the integration of standardized cognitive evaluations into routine healthcare practices. “I personally think that some kind of standard baseline cognitive test/form needs to be created so we see where things are year after year. I think as a society we are so terrified about dementia and I understand that but I do know there is such a lack of information given to us about it. That education and information should be given to us at our doctors office.” Emma's other key takeaways, including the importance of exercise, nature, and preventive measures, underscored Make Time Wellness's holistic approach to women's well-being.  Brain health does not have to be scary; it just requires a bit of commitment and sustainable, actionable steps. “Anyone that is here reading this blog today, clearly wants to know what they can do to benefit their brain health. That is the first step to change. Being educated. Seeing what lands and could work for your lifestyle. I want people to know that by taking micro-steps you can improve the health of your brain at any age. It is truly obtainable and tangible.” 

Helen's Reflections: Pioneering the Future of Brain Health

Helen was inspired by the summit's emphasis on research and innovation in the field of brain health. She recognized Make Time Wellness's role as a bridge between scientific advancements and everyday women, empowering them to prioritize their brain health through accessible tools and resources. Helen's insights into the parallels between brain health and heart health underscored the transformative potential of Make Time Wellness's approach: “Brain health is the new heart health. It was amazing to see world experts in Brain Health & the Center for Brain Health UT trying to create a future through research where Brain Health will be regarded and dealt with like when Heart Health was brought to focus 20-30 years ago.” Emphasizing the importance of mindfulness and making time to take pressure off the brain, just as you might rest and recover after a workout, Helen reaffirmed Make Time Wellness's commitment to empowering women to thrive.

What’s Next for Make Time?

As Emma and Helen return from the Brain Health Summit, they are more determined than ever to integrate summit insights into the Make Time Movement. From enhancing product formulations to expanding educational resources, Make Time Wellness is poised to lead the charge in revolutionizing how women approach their brain health. By empowering women to take small, actionable steps toward optimal brain health, Make Time Wellness aims to change the way society views and prioritizes women’s brain health. Join us on this journey to optimal brain health – because when women thrive, society thrives.

In conclusion, Emma and Helen's attendance at the Brain Health Summit has ignited a spark of inspiration and innovation within Make Time Wellness. By leveraging the summit's insights and translating them into tangible actions, Make Time Wellness is ready to lead the charge in empowering women to prioritize their brain health before their body and beauty. As we embark on this journey together, let's make time for ourselves and prioritize our brain health – because our well-being is worth it!