To help every woman do the same.

For her brain, body and beauty.

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About us

Make Time is more than a brand, it’s a movement. To lead a global conversation that gets the world thinking seriously about putting women’s brain health first. In the media, on social, and the moment we get out of bed. We offer effective wellness products backed by science. For busy women and their brains, bodies and beauty. We’re committed to supporting research, education, and giving back while helping women make more time for themselves.


Emma & Helen first connected while working on a beauty line together during Covid. Through countless Zooms and endless days, we shared the common challenge of trying to make time for ourselves while caring for our families and committing to our brain health journeys.

Emma was unable to find any digestible information about brain health, and Helen couldn’t find a single supplement that supports women’s brain, and body. Why was no one talking to women about their brains? It was time to turn our frustration into a global conversation.

Do you know anyone with Alzheimer’s or dementia? We do.

Do you know any woman that needs to make more time for herselfl? We do.

Through years of research and ranting, we’ve learned that women’s brain health is treated as an afterthought.

Women make up two thirds of the world’s Alzheimer’s patients. Women over 60 are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s than breast cancer. We suffer from mom brain, post-partum brain fog and early onset dementia. We’re daughters sitting beside mothers who no longer remember our names. We live in a global environment that poisons our brains with chemicals and sugar while the media obsesses about wrinkles and weight loss. We wear pink for our breasts (as we should) but what about painting the world purple for our brains. We focus on our jobs, our families, our fitness, our inbox, but when it comes to our most powerful, precious, kick-ass organ, who’s going to make time for that.

We did.

Our Products

We’ve spent years developing delicious drink mixes that you can take daily, easily, and without a fistful of pills. For brain, body and beauty—in that order. Our brain health multivitamin supplement and prenatal supplements contain essential, effective ingredients like MCTs, omegas, creatine and curcumin to boost and support our brains while keeping our bodies healthy and beautiful.


HFC - Hilarity for Charity logo

Mission Statement: Hilarity for Charity (HFC) is a national non-profit on a mission to care for families impacted by Alzheimer's disease, activate the next generation of Alzheimer's advocates, and be a leader in brain health research and education. Learn more at wearehfc.org

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Our founders

Co-created by two women who care.

Emma Heming Willis

A few years ago, while trying to get to the root cause of my “mommy brain,” a doctor introduced me to the concept of brain health. A term I’d never heard before, and two words that entirely changed my approach to health. By making my brain a priority, my overall wellness improved and my whole body benefited. 

Focusing on my brain simplified my health journey. And inspired me to create Make Time. Not just as a brand, but a philosophy. Making more time for myself has had profound effects on my mental and physical health, as well as my family. I don’t do it perfectly, but it’s given me the peace of mind, clarity, and strength I need to show up, especially when life happens. 

My husband Bruce was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. In the midst, I have found comfort and hope, turning pain into resolve and action. Through my family’s journey, I now advocate for caregivers while raising awareness around dementia and the importance of brain health.
My experience has given me newfound purpose, and Make Time is now a movement. Science isn’t yet able to reverse cognitive degenerative disease, but over time that can change. It’s action, education and conversation that creates that change. Let’s start by making time to talk openly and put women’s brain health and overall wellness above all else. 

Please join us and ask yourself, how are you making time for yourself today?

Helen Christoni

I wish I knew 20 years ago just how much a few small changes and the right supplements could help keep my brain and body healthier as I get older.

I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at a very young age. My daughter suffers with depression and anxiety. My grandmother suffered from dementia. My mother-in-law recently passed away from FTD (frontotemporal dementia) and my father is suffering with aphasia. There’s so much suffering related to brain health, I started to wonder, what is going on? How can I change this and make more time for my own health and wellbeing, while caring for my loved ones? I also had to ask myself—as a relatively healthy person—was I really? Admittedly, I got caught up with being fit, my skin, my hair. But what about my brain, my bones, my energy? At the end of the day all we have is our health.

I’ve been developing and designing products for over two decades with many years in health, wellness and beauty. Not once did I encounter any marketing, education or even conversation around prioritizing brain health while also including body and beauty. Our society is too concerned with wrinkles and belly fat. Of course beauty is important. But ladies, we need to put our brains and bodies first. I’m committed to making time for my brain, my body and, yes, my beauty, every single day. For myself, my family, for you and every woman out there.

I want to help create a world where women, homemakers, sisters, mothers and our children make time for themselves, and put their brain, bodies and wellbeing before all else.

So join us, for yourself, your brain, your body and your beauty!


Ladies, did you know:

Women make up 11 million unpaid caregivers. Who is making time for them?

By 35, a woman’s brain is already in decline. Why isn’t anyone talking about it? On average, half of our short-term memory and focus is gone by the age of 60.

Women make up 2/3 of the world’s Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Why don’t we see this on the news?

If we don’t make time for self-care, we can experience increases in anxiety, anger, fatigue, depression, and heart disease. 


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